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Will Repellents Remove a Groundhog from My Shed?

Having a Tennessee groundhog in your hard or under your shed or porch is never a good thing. No one wants to have a wild animal around their home, and the groundhog is no exception. While not as much of a danger to attack you, like a bat or a skunk may be, these animals can still create a lot of havoc, especially if they have created a whole series of tunnels around your yard or under your structure. These can destabilize your Nashville property and make a big problem in the long run.

The challenge is how to get them out from under your porch or shed. Most of the ways you would get rid of other Nashville animals will simply not work here, and the reason for this is quite logical. First off, you have to remember that not only do these animals burrow their way into the ground to make a den, but they also build several escape tunnels from their den. If they feel threatened in anyway, they simply head down one of these tunnels. They may stay in the tunnel until the coast is clear or jump out of one of their emergency exits and use that to get away.

It is with this in mind that using such things as repellants is not a real option. You will find that if you throw that into the den, the entire Tennessee animal will do is take advantage of one of these tunnels and stay there until it needs to either return or get out altogether. If it can get into the tunnel, it may just wait the repellents effect out and then go back. There is also another option you may not have thought of. The Nashville groundhog may move down the tunnel and then just start to dig a whole new den. It may not move very far at all, but decide to just start over. All you did in this case is get it to slightly relocate.

Keep in mind that a Nashville groundhog is made to dig. If they want a new place to live it will not take them long to have success in doing so. This means your repellent idea, which had some merit on its surface, may not do much for you at all other than add a whole new hole dug into your yard. It is clear that you want to get rid of the Tennessee animal, but this is not the option for you. You will have to look at other options. This is why using bait, like berries or cantaloupe, and luring the animal into a trap is the way to go. That will have a lot more success for you in the long run.

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