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Is it Legal for Me to Trap a Skunk?

There are many places in the country where obscure laws ban you from hunting or trapping certain animals. In some places you cannot catch Nashville squirrels or raccoons. The reasons very in these places, but in some spots these animals take on more of a protected role than what you would find in other locations.

It is for this reason that many worry about catching wild animals, because they worry that they will fall on the wrong side of the law and don’t want to find themselves paying a hefty fine or sitting jail because of their decision to catch a pesky beaver or get rid of an opossum that is being a nuisance. The skunk is one such Nashville animal that many worry about. They want to know if they trap one if they can get in trouble for that. Because of some of the unique properties of the skunk, it would not be surprising if this was true. This is why this is a good question to ask. It is the unusual parts about certain kinds of animals that make them protected by local Tennessee governments.

For example, the raccoon was nearly hunted into becoming a threatened animal. The reason this occurred is because so many wanted the fur of this critter, especially its tail. As a result, the animal found it ever decreasing in numbers until a set of laws was invoked that stopped the rapid and relentless hunting of these creatures. While Tennesseeskunks can be incredibly bad animals, primarily because of the spray that they can release, it is likely that many would find their fur to be quite valuable. They are beautiful Nashville animals, quite soft in fact, and so the fur would make for a great coat or other garment. This is why it would be easy to see that they would be protected.

Knowing all this, the answer to the question is no, it is not illegal for you to trap a Nashville skunk. These animals are currently not protected in any city, county, or state in the United States, so it is perfectly acceptable for you to trap them if you want, and you will not be in any legal trouble for doing so.

It is not illegal, but whether it is an intelligent decision or not is an entirely different story. You can trap a Nashville skunk and even get it so you can move it without it spraying you, but if you make the slightest mistake you will pay for it. This is why you have to be very careful around them, especially considering that the scent is not the only issue. These Tennessee animals carry a lot of diseases, and you sure do not want to get sick from one.

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