Will a High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work Against Opossums?

If you are a Nashville home owner, you want to have your home as safe and beautiful as it can be. The last thing you want is some small critter taking up residence in your garage, shed, and attic or under your porch. This is why many look to find whatever means they can to scare away different kinds of Tennessee rodents when they come to their home.

One of the most troublesome of these is the Tennessee opossum. These animals love to find a secluded place where they can hunker down for the day. Because opossums are nocturnal animals, they need a place to sleep that is also safe for them to be sleeping in. A place like your attic or under your porch may be the ideal location for the Nashville opossum to rest because these are places that you don’t normally pay attention to, so they can have quite a bit of solitude there.

Obviously, no one wants one of these animals living in or near their home because they are not only messy, but can also carry a whole host of diseases that can be quite dangerous to you, your family, and pets. Getting rid of them as quickly as possible is the goal, if not outright keeping them away from your home from the start. To try to achieve this goal, there are a wide variety of remedies that people use to see if they can deter the Nashville possum from coming to their home. This includes successful ideas, such as predator urine, and others that are not so successful, like mothballs. Then there are those who opt for using a high pitch sound to try to scare the Tennessee possums away. The question is if these things actually work.

There are certain Tennessee animals that a high pitch sound can have some effect on. For example, both bats and rats have very impressive auditory systems, so annoying sounds can definitely have an impact on them; however, this is not the case for the opossum. While this animal does have sensitive hearing high pitched noises have little to no effect on it at all. This is for many reasons, not the least of which is that these sounds have a very limited range in terms of effect, and may be more annoying to your own pets than they are to the possum. Unless you have some super powerful speakers, it will not likely irritate the Nashville possum at all, and y0u would have to radiate that sound in all directions from your home. You would likely find that the alternative options are significantly less expensive and a whole lot more successful in keeping these animals away, so these are what you should look into.

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